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The Lone Star Trading Company
Has been in Business for over 20 Years.
We Started out with a Gift Catalog Business. Then went into the Scrap Plastic business.  We are now in the used equipment business.
Used Computer Business
We now have a department dedicated to USED Referbed, IBM Computers.
You can get this complete system with windows 7 & Office, for:
The Lone Star Traders
The New Consignment Auction
Are a Group of like minded business men.  Who meet to discuss Trends in the Scrap Business.  We Meet for a Social Meet and Greet on Friday.  Then a major planning Meeting Once a month on the last Friday of the month.
We are currently looking for a Empty Warehouse that is owned by a owner we can convince that we can bring  NEW life in to his property?  By allowing us to us it, with a month  to month lease.
We will then begin the process of growing our small businesses in it and pay more rent as we grow.    

We are now connected to the Newest Public Consignment Auction to hit El Paso in years.  We also provide a consignment Service, where we will pick up any item you want to be entererd into the auction , for a small service fee.  just call to find out more

The Auction is Each Month with the next one being on Saturday

​  3 February 2018
421  Frederick
​10 AM
Accepting Items for this NOW
Located at  538 IVEY Rd. for a Copy of the latest Flyer, call in and leave a message. Call 915-540-8913

This Is Where The Action Is!

  1. All Sorts of NEWS will be Posted here

I  Have thse two items for sale

The Fire 7 Tablet is a Dual Unit it has Fire stick capibilities on it, TV & Movies without hook up to a TV, its Moble.

AND I Can get you a Up graded Fire Stick,   

Just get in touch with me for PRICE



The lone Star Traders Recommend This

This Place is where El Paso, remembers ALL the men & Woman who have served this country, in any of the Services. 
El Paso Flags Across America
9550 Gateway North
Is The Organization we all have to thank for it.
IF you want to Hear more about it?
Contact:  Jimmy K. Melver  (915) 549 - 5031

  They are always looking for Donations. Cash or Items of Interest like Combat memorabilia ,

FOOD TRUCK Rally every Thursday Night !

Topics will be Informative

L S T C Home Movies

Here is where you  can get into the bit Coin Business CHEEP

Cut and past this link to see how,.?


 AND  Bricked LDPE  IF Interested get in touch with me

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​I Have a Source of Densified EPS  IF interested, Get In Touch with me  

Here we will post NEWS items of Interest.



Here you will Find More On Line Oppertunities:

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Meet The Team
The Lone Star Trader  will be in the business of posting Live UTub Videos here.  IF you are a LSTC Trader and want an event photographed?  Get in Touch with the LSTC Trader.
Soon to come: Motion Pictuers  of Events. Like the AUCTION


DELL latitude E6400, 2 GIG Memory, 65Gig HD, and windows  7, with complete Office

Asking $100.00

There are more where this one came from

I have another  DELL  that Runs XP  $75.00

Soon To Come                                                                                                                                                                              
New Thing Happening Here

As soon as I Can get it working? This section will contain ALL the Items FOR SALE by LSTC
IThe Lone Star Trader is looking for a Location.  we need the owner of a Empty warehouse to consider us for a small business incubator?  a place where the little guys can have the same facility as the BIG Guys ​​
 The Echo Pump that was popular last year, will be available from a LSTC Trader soon,.??​​
Remember, IF you are a LSTC TRader and want to advertise here?  All you have to do is make it woth my time and give me the INFO need to complete your AD,. 

L S T C     Deals Pending

Once a Week I will be posting some HOT Deals Pending
These are  The Deals that we are currently Promoting
IF you want any of these ACT Quick
     L S T C has a Client with CASH!  looking for any and

all HDPE he can find,  IF you have some at Truck Load

Quanity ?  Get in touch with me ASAP This won't last




 L S T C   has a client, looking to get rid of over 80,000  lbs

of assorted Scrap Plastic Parts for .10 per lb.  /  These need to be sold to a


IF interested,.  Get in Touch with me.


With the support of the Public, we hope to provide El Paso with an  Event once a Month that will be Enjoyed by the whole family Soon to be a place where you can get cash for that paid off Used car.

 ​     10 Years in the Auction Business
  • Licensed in the state of texas to sell personal property
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  • Covering Texas & New Mexico
  • Amigo Auctioneers LLC
  • We Provide an Alternitive to the garage sale
  • Weare a full service Auction company providing consignment and on site liguidation auction
  • Convienant Disposal of assets

Amigo  Auctioneers
Public Auction
538 Ivey Rd. El Paso Texas 79927

3 February 2018
421  Frederick
10 AM

This is the best thing to hit El Paso, in Years!  The First PUBLIC Consignment Auction. Where you can turn your garage sale items into cash, and NOT Trash.  Just call Jeff Grant
at:​     915-540-8913
and get all your questions answered.

Contact Us
Please call and leave us a message.  We will reply within 24 hours.
Address: 10328 Bonaire , El Paso Texas 79924
Telephone:   (915)  433-6305 
If you got any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We reply within 24 hours !
" Let's Make A Deal "
We Make Deals Every day 

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